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Uniform Exchange

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Uniform Exchange aims to encourage the people of Kirklees to recycle and donate old school uniform items rather than putting them in the bin. There are many families across Kirklees who no longer receive a school uniform grant and would benefit from your generosity. By recycling old school uniform we can bridge the gap and help families send their children to school in proper uniform reducing the risk of bullying.

In partnership with Local Sure Start Childrenʼs Centres, Kirklees Libraries, and with support from Kirklees Council, we will collect unwanted uniforms, and get them to the children who want them the most, free of charge.

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All uniform items will be gratefully received:
shoes, pumps, skirts, trousers, shorts, shirts, jumpers, t-shirts, dresses and coats including those with school logos.
Damaged items that are beyond repair will be passed onto Oxfam for recycling, so that nothing goes to landfill.

If your School uniform or Logo changes, please inform us.

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At uniform exchange we supply and receive a wide range of uniform items.

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