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About Uniform Exchange

How does Uniform Exchange
positively impact the environment?


EVERY YEAR a young person creates 7kg of school uniform waste…

…in their school lifetime this is 84kg of outgrown school uniform, which looks like this.

Uniform Exchange Huddersfield

There are 90,000 children in KIRKLEES education, together they create 630 tonnes of school uniform waste every year...

...what do you do with your outgrown uniform?

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Uniform Exchange is a growing charity, supporting families right across Kirklees. We recycle school uniform in you community and give it away free of charge to local families. We help everybody who asks.

We cannot do this without the help of young people like yourselves. Your generosity is appreciated. We need your kindness and involvement.


In 2020 Uniform Exchange collected 15 tonnes of school uniform from Kirklees families and school…

– 10 tonnes were recycled back into the Kirklees community 

– 5 tonnes were sent to Oxfam for ragging and recycling

In 2020, we supported 1,900 families with free school uniform and more than 20,000 items of good uniform have been recycled.

All the useable uniform collected gets recycled back into your local community.

Would you help us get more young people recycling?

You could help young people, your age look smart in their school uniform, by recycling the items you grow out of. 

Join the world of recycling school uniform. Donate to Uniform Exchange!

Get your school involved...

Contact us to get started!

Thank you for getting involved!