World Environment Day 2021

make a change this world environment day...

...recycling school uniform has a local impact & helps others!

Help us fill the donation boxes.
Help us fill the shelves.
Bags of uniform ready for distribution.
Help us provide for those in need.

Let's all be part of #GenerationRestoration

This generation of young people is more aware and concerned about climate change than ever before which is why Uniform Exchange is so keen to involve them in their project and took part in the Kirklees Climate Festival.

Our charity recycles school uniforms to local families facing financial hardship and has a zero waste policy.

There are 90,000 school pupils across Kirklees who wear an estimated 630 tonnes of school uniform every year. Uniform Exchange ends up with only around 50 tonnes which means an awful lot could potentially be wasted by going into landfill.

Young people across Kirklees will be shocked to learn these figures which will no doubt spur many to becoming champions for Uniform Exchange within their own schools and homes.

Uniform Exchange founder Kate France said: “We know young people today are very aware of environmental concerns and one of the biggest is the amount of clothes that are thrown away each year.

“Some uniform will be reworn or go to siblings or friends but anything else can be donated to us. Anything we think can’t be worn straight away or repaired we give to Oxfam and they have a policy to recycle everything. If unwanted school uniform comes to us you can be assured that none of it will end up in landfill.”

Uniform Exchange has seen a 40% surge in demand over the last year and we look forward to children actively promoting recycling uniform within their schools and coming up with their own ideas to reduce clothing waste. We want to see collection boxes in every school and a clothes rail so all children have the chance to swap for a larger size when needed. Our ambition is for Uniform Exchange to have a presence within every Kirklees school. #GenerationRestoration

How to get involved...

…get involved with the Winter Coat Appeal by looking at the items below or get in contact with Kate on 07955 724789 or email we truly hope to hear from you.

Donate items...

In order for us to help local children with uniform, shoes, coats and underwear we need a constant supply of donations. If you have any new or preloved items please drop off at one of our donation points.

Donate financially...

If you are able to make a small donation towards the charity we would be truly blessed. There are many hidden costs to running our charity and every amount of help is appreciated.

Buy wish list items...

We have many items we struggle to get hold of as they get worn out so can’t be reused. Please help us purchase some of these items… especially underwear and gloves, thank you!  

Ask for a help...

If you find yourself struggling to afford school uniform etc. then please get in touch using the request form below and we will make sure you receive the items you need.

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