Donation Drop-off Points

Please could your uniform items be put inside a plastic bag when dropping off as we use these to send the uniform packs out in, the bigger the better.

All of the collections points are located inside, so I would recommend checking the times they are open before turning up to drop off. The only exception to this is Uniform Exchange Unit and the Slaithwaite Fire Station, these have collection boxes outside.

Click on your postcode area for a list of local collection boxes ↓

South Kirklees

★ Tesco – Huddersfield, Viaduct Street, HD1 1RW

★ The Packhorse Centre, King Street, Huddersfield HD1 2RT

★ Library – Huddersfield Children’s, Princess Alexandra Walk HD1 2SU

★ Cathedral House, Centre Coffee Book Shop, St Thomas Road, HD1 3LG

★ Uniform Exchange Unit, Burbeary Road, Lockwood, HD1 3UN

★ Forget Me Not Shop – Huddersfield, Manchester Road, Thornton Lodge, HD1 3JF

★ KAL – Huddersfield Leisure Centre, Spring Grove Street, Huddersfield HD1 4BP

★ Co-op – Marsh, Westbourne Road HD1 4LG

★ Brian Jackson House, New North Parade, Huddersfield HD1 5JP

★ Library – Birkby, Lea St, Hillhouse, Birkby HD1 6HA

★ KAL – Stadium Fitness Centre, Stadium Way, Huddersfield HD1 6PG

★ The Zone, St Andrew’s Rd, Huddersfield HD1 6PT

★ Sainsbury’s – Shorehead, Southgate, HD1 6QR

★ The Chestnut Centre, 2A Chestnut Street, Deighton HD2 1HJ

★ KAL – Deighton Sports Arena, Deighton Road, Deighton HD2 1JP

★ KAL – Bradley Park Golf Course, Bradley Road, Bradley HD2 1PZ

★ Nisa Local – Fixby, 57 Fixby Road, Fixby HD2 2J

★ Asda – Huddersfield, Bradford Road, Ashbrow HD2 2LQ

★ Library – Lindley, Lidget St, Lindley, Huddersfield HD3 3JP

★ Forget Me Not – Charity Shop, 111 Lidget Street Lindley, HD3 3JR

★ Premier Store, 81 Weathwerhill Rd, Birchencliffe HD3 3QY

★ Lindley Borough Community Club, New Hey Road, Salendine Nook, HD3 3XF

★ Salendine Nook Shopping Centre, HD3 3XA

★ Hudds Trampoline Academy, Union Mills, Pollard St South, Milnsbridge, HD3 4GU

★ Amateur Boxing Club, Market Street, Milnsbridge HD3 4ND

★ KAL – Lockwood Park Fitness, Brewery Drive, Huddersfield HD4 6EN

★ Co-op Food – Crosland Moor, Park Rd West, Crosland Moor, HD4 5RX

★ Library – Almondbury, Farfield Rd, Almondbury HD5 8TD

★ Library – Rawthorpe Dalton, Ridgeway, Dalton HD5 9QR

★ Library – Golcar, Town End, Golcar HD7 4QD

★ Slaithwaite Fire Station, 13a New St, Slaithwaite HD7 5AB

★ Forget Me Not Shop, 1a New Street, Slaithwaite HD7 5AB

★ KAL – Colne Valley Leisure Centre, New Street, Slaithwaite HD7 5AB

★ Library – Slaithwaite, Cross Street, Slaithwaite HD7 5AF

★ Ricky’s School of Rock, Colne Valley Business Park , Linthwaite HD75QG

★ Marsden Fisheries, Peel St, Marsden HD7 6BW

★ United Church Marsden, Peel Street Marsden HD7 6BR

★ The Parochial Hall, Clough Lea, Marsden HD7 6DN

★ Parish Church Lepton – Green Balk Lane, Lepton HD8 0EW

★ Library – Kirkburton, Turnshaw Rd, Kirkburton HD8 0RT

★ Library – Shepley, Marsh Lane, Shepley HD8 8AE

★ Library – Skelmanthorpe, 24 Commercial Road, Skelmanthorpe HD8 9DA

★ Grow Refill Store, 37 Commercial Rd, Skelmanthorpe  HD8 9DA

★ KAL – Scissett Baths & Fitness Centre, Wakefield Road, Scissett HD8 9HU

★ Parish Church – St Michael’s, Church Street, Emley HD8 9RW

★ Holmfirth Tech, 140 Huddersfield Road, Holmfirth HD9 3AR

★ Library – Holmfirth, 47 Huddersfield Road Holmfirth HD9 3JH

★ KAL – Holmfirth Pool, Huddersfield Road, Holmfirth HD9 3JL

★ Co-op Food – Meltham, 18-24 Huddersfield Rd, Meltham, HD9 4AE

★ Crossroads Project, The Old Town Hall, Meltham, HD9 4AG

★ Co-op Garage – Honley, Huddersfield Rd, Honley, HD9  6LT 

★ Honley Sweet Stop, France Hill, Honley, HD9 6NZ

★ Full Life Church, Miry Lane, Thongsbridge, Holmfirth HD9 7SB

North Kirklees

★ Our Neighbourhood Nest, Edge Top Road, Overthorpe, WF12 0BH

★ Nik Nik’s Nursery, 78 The Town, Thornhill, Dewsbury WF12 0QX

★ Fusion Housing Food Bank, Empire House, Wakefield Rd, WF12 8DJ

★ DWP /Job Centre, Crown Buildings Risworth Rd, Dewsbury WF12 8EF  

★ KAL – Dewsbury Sports Centre, Longcauseway, Dewsbury WF12 8EN

★ Library – Dewsbury, Railway Street, Dewsbury, WF12 8EQ

★ Zakaria Education Centre, 39 Warren Street, Savile Town, WF12 9LX

★ Dunromin Comm Hub, 20a Ravens Lodge Terrace, Scout Hill WF13 3EF

★ Mushin’s Ladies Clothing, 677 Huddersfield Rd, Ravensthorpe WF13 3LD (until October)

★ Library – Ravensthorpe, Greenwood Centre, Huddersfield Rd, Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury WF13 3JR

★ Library – Mirfield, East Thorpe Lodge, Huddersfield Road, Mirfield WF14 8AN

★ Forget Me Not Shop – Mirfield, 59 Huddersfield Road, Mirfield WF14 8AA 

★ Uniform Exchange Hub, Salvation Army, 106 Huddersfield Road, Mirfield WF14 8AF (opening soon)

★ Co-op Food/Petrol – Millbridge, Bradford Rd, Liversedge WF15 6JE

★ Rainbow Baby Bank, 19 Westgate, Heckmondwike WF16 0HE

★ Library – Heckmondwike, Walkley Lane, Heckmondwike WF16 0LY

★ Forget Me Not Shop – Heckmondwike, 3a Northgate, Heckmondwike WF16 9RL 

★ Howden Clough Community Centre, Leeds Road, Birstall WF17 0HY

★ KAL – Batley Sports and Tennis Centre, Windmill Lane, Batley WF17 0QD

★ Library – Batley, Market Place, Batley, WF17 5DA

★ Batley Food Bank, 26 Wellington Street, Batley, WF17 5HZ

★ KAL – Batley Baths & Recreation Centre, Cambridge Street, Batley WF17 5JH

★ Indian Muslim Welfare Society, 28 Track Road, Batley WF17 7AA

★ Cobbles Café, 2 Market Place, Birstall WF17 9EC

★ Co-op Food – Birstall, 47 Low Lane, Birstall WF17 9EY

★ Co-op Food/Petrol, Oxford Road, Gomersal BD19 4PY

★ Library – Cleckheaton, Whitcliffe Road, Cleckheaton BD19 3DX

★ Forget Me Not Shop – Cleckheaton, 10 Bradford Road, Cleckheaton BD19 5AG