Uniform Exchange

Our FAQs

There are dozens of collection points across Kirklees so you never have to go far to donate to us. To find the ones nearest you simply go to our Donate Uniform page, pop your postcode into the box which says Enter Your Postcode Here and then drop your uniform in at a collection point that’s most convenient for you. We regularly pick up from all our collection points.

We aim to provide absolutely everything a child would need for school including all school uniform, coats, bags, sports kit, swimwear, hats, gloves, scarves, trainers, football boots, underwear, tights, socks and even pencil cases, pens, maths equipment and calculators. If it’s something your child needs for school then please donate it to us if you don’t want it anymore.

We now have a Uniform Exchange shop where we sell good quality second-hand clothes cheaply to raise money for the charity. Please make sure anything you donate is in good condition and the more designer label donations you can send our way, the better. See the Charity Shop section on our website for more information.

Absolutely, yes please. We can’t stress that enough. If it’s not washed then we need to clean it ourselves which costs the charity money we really don’t want to be spending. Please wash everything you can before donating it to us.

Everyone qualifies as we want to keep as much school uniform out of landfill as possible to prevent the world from being polluted by the plastic in uniform fibres. We want more children to wear good quality second-hand school uniform.

Absolutely. All uniform should be washed before it reaches us or we wash it ourselves. Each item is rigorously checked with any small holes or missing buttons repaired. We only send out second-hand school uniform that we’d be happy for our own children to wear.

Yes, we certainly do but it all depends on what we have in stock. We have thousands of items both with logos on them and with no logos at all.

We usually send the uniform out to your child’s school for them to pass onto you, but in certain special circumstances we could bring it to your home.  

Yes, we now provide school uniform for almost 200 schools in Kirklees, including a few independent ones. Our sizes range from age 2 to adults although we tend to have more limited stock for pupils aged over 14.

Yes, as we can take what we need from the old uniform such as buttons and recycle the rest through Oxfam Wastesaver. We have a zero landfill policy.

Unfortunately the remit of our scheme is to provide uniform only to families who live in Kirklees or send their children to schools in Kirklees. We are trying to spread the message in the hope that similar schemes will be set up in other parts of West Yorkshire and, indeed, across the UK.