Uniform Exchange Supporters Club

Weekly Lottery

Join our weekly Giant Cash Bonanza lottery for just £2 a week! Your participation supports Uniform Exchange in providing free school uniform to children in need. Make a difference today and stand a chance to win exciting cash prizes while contributing to a meaningful cause. Together, let’s create positive change for our community!

Throughout the year, our focus is promoting the reuse of school uniform. We do this free of charge helping the most vulnerable families in Kirklees and those feeling the effects of the cost of living crisis. Since January 2023, we’ve distributed 6,000 bags of school uniform, primarily sourced from generous donations within the community. This initiative not only ensures a more affordable means of preparing children for school but also fosters a sense of communal support.

Help us continue well into the future...

About Giant Cash Bonanza

The Giant Cash Bonanza Lottery was created in 2002 to raise funds for various good causes, like Uniform Exchange. 

By becoming a member (for just £2 per week) you are helping Uniform Exchange to fulfil its charitable objectives and ensure that we continue to provide free school uniform to parents who can’t afford to buy new.

All your lottery payments are donated for the benefit of Uniform Exchange, with the exception of deductions for lottery prizes and the reasonable expenses of administration incurred by Giant Cash Bonanza. Uniform Exchange receives a minimum of 60% (£1.20) of all contributions.

How it works

For £2 your 10 unique numbers are entered into the weekly draw (together with the lottery numbers of the other Uniform Exchange supporters) giving you 10 chances to win and your 2 unique numbers will be entered into four Superdraws totalling £30,000 taking place in March, June, September and December.

The weekly draw will take place every Friday, with the winners list published on our website link:

Alternatively, if you would like to have the results emailed please contact:

The odds

For the weekly draw the odds are approximately 200-1, this is because every £2 has 10 unique numbers put into the draw and there are no combinations of the numbers reducing the odds. For £2 you have 10 chances to win.

Extra chances to win

As a token of our gratitude, Uniform Exchange Supporters Club Lottery members will enjoy additional chances to win throughout the year. We’ll be collecting prizes from local businesses, eager to pass on these rewards to our loyal supporters. Your commitment to our cause deserves recognition, and we’re thrilled to enhance your lottery experience with exciting giveaways. Thank you for being an integral part of Uniform Exchange!

Thank you once again for your support!!!



1 x £1,000
4 x £25
26 x £10
31 guaranteed winners every week!


1 x £10,000 drawn at the end of March
1 x £5,000 drawn at the end of June
1 x £10,000 drawn at the end of September
1 x £5,000 drawn at the end of December