Uniform Exchange Launches:
‘Winter Coat Project 2020’

Winter Coat Appeal 2020

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With 15,000 children in education in Kirklees living in poverty, the equivalent of 1 in 3 households, many vulnerable families across Kirklees are now reaching crisis level as we head into winter months.

A report released by The Trussell Trust, an NGO and charity that works to end the need of food banks in the UK, make for alarming reading reporting an 89% increase in the number of food bank parcels given out to people across the UK and a 67% increase in the number of household referrals to food banks earlier this year. With referrals to food banks continuing to rise, we anticipate increased demand for our Winter Coat Project this year.

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It’s going to be extremely cold this winter

and many children in our community are not ready for it.

As we head into winter...

To enable children to access classroom learning during the pandemic, measures introduced in schools include keeping windows open throughout the school day to minimise transmission of the virus, meaning that the need for adequate clothing is even more vital. Having access to a full school uniform and warm coat means a child’s attendance is much more likely to improve and allows them to focus on their learning.

The past nine years have seen Uniform Exchange collect and distribute school uniform and coats to over 7,000 children in the local community, enabling them to go to school in the right clothing. We want to continue to support these children through these cold months by supplying them with winter coats, gloves, hats, scarves and underwear.

Having your support in these cold winter months will help us ensure all Kirklees children have access to coats and underwear and feel happier to attend school; allowing them to be warm, feel included and are more inclined to learn.

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Help us to help our children...
To ensure children don’t go cold this winter

To ensure children don’t go cold this winter and continue to access classroom learning, we are looking for donations of out-grown coats, hats, gloves, scarves, winter shoes/boots, socks and tights. They can be any size or colour as long as they are warm and in good condition.

We work with schools, charities, libraries and Kirklees Council to help families by providing their children with school uniform items free of charge. Uniform Exchange has received many grants but the scheme would not be possible without the support of our partners – from businesses and schools to other amazing charities.

You can drop off donations at many locations across Kirklees (click the link for the full list).

However, this year we will need much more support which is why we are calling on schools, businesses and community groups to support us! Why not have a collection in school, your workplace or even your neighbourhood? If this is possible, we can provide you with a collection box enabling safe deposit of donations.

We are working closely with local schools and children’s services to identify and support the families where there is a need. The Winter Coat Project will be slightly different this year but we are hoping more children than ever before will benefit from your generosity.

How you make a difference...

The feedback we receive makes the hard work worthwhile. Last week, we were given this note: “I just wanted to pass on a big thank you from the family, I took the school uniforms around today and they are very grateful. The boys and mum are really thrilled with what you have supplied, brilliant service.” The donations you make to Uniform Exchange stay local and go to families in your community. Any damaged items we can’t use go to Oxfam, who recycle them through their textile Wastesaver plant in Batley.

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