Urgent plea to donate coats to keep Kirklees children warm this winter … check your coat rack at home now

We have just put out an urgent media appeal for coats and other warm winter clothing.

Uniform Exchange gives away thousands of school uniforms to families across Kirklees every year and the need for our services has reached record levels as the cost of living crisis continues to take a heavy toll on people’s finances.

There are 15,000 children in Kirklees living in poverty – the equivalent of one in four households – and the number of children needing help from us is expected to be more than 7,000 this year.

It’s very easy to donate coats, hats, scarves and gloves – anything that keeps the winter chill out. Simply drop them off at any of the many Uniform Exchange collection points spread across Kirklees. To find the one nearest to you go to https://www.uniform-exchange.org/donation-points/

Last year we gave out 2,300 coats – up from 1,600 the year before – along with many hats, gloves and scarves.

More and more schools are now organising their own uniform and coats giveaway events in school to make it even easier for parents to get school uniform and warm winter clothing for free. Any schools or community groups doing this are urged to contact us so we can support you with graphics and digital posts to help promote your event.

Uniform Exchange project director Kate France said: “It’s expected to be extremely cold this winter with temperatures already starting to plummet but, sadly, many children in Kirklees are not prepared for it.

“The high energy prices mean many families won’t be able to afford heating and electricity so more children will be relying on warm clothing than ever before.

“Having your support in these cold winter months will help us ensure all Kirklees children have access to coats, gloves, hats, scarves and feel happier to attend school, allowing them to be warm, feel included and be more inclined to learn.

“Now is the time to check your coat rack at home and the places you keep your hats, gloves and scarves to root out anything you no longer need. You’ll be freeing up space at home while helping us at the same time.

“If you can donate a good, preloved coat suitable for school we’ll find a child in Kirklees who can reuse it.” 

To request a free coat contact the Uniform Exchange team on 07955 724789 or email info@uniform-exchange.org. Alternatively, visit https://www.uniform-exchange.org/ to learn more about Uniform Exchange or to donate money to support the charity.

Urgent plea to donate coats to keep Kirklees children warm this winter … check your coat rack at home now